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Keely Jakes, Mm, Mmm Hero Love

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White Tiger Mate


Cajun Thunder

Becker Baptiste is on the run and was sent to Paladin to ask for their help. Exhausted and battered, he is trying to keep his infant niece, Sabine, from being murdered. When he meets a naked man on the road into town, he worries that maybe this isn’t the place they should be hiding from Sabine’s mother. 

Roane Jackson had given up on finding his mate, but when Becker arrives with a baby strapped to his chest, Roane realizes his life is about to change in more ways than he can count. 

Will Becker accept that the naked man’s claims that they are mates? Will he be able to keep Sabine safe from her mother? Will Roane ever put on clothes?

Teddy's Bear

Teddy’s in shock after being kidnapped. Even more so when the shifter side that's been dormant his entire life comes to life. At least his attraction to Dallas now makes perfect sense. 

Dallas knows immediately that Teddy is his mate, but he doesn't push himself on the other man. Being a soldier who barely finished high school, he doesn't think he’s much of a catch, but he's the only one who can teach Teddy how to deal with his shifter side. A side Teddy never knew he had. But Teddy's also determined to return to his life in Chicago.

Can Teddy get a handle on being a shifter? Will Dallas and his bear be able to live in Chicago? Will Teddy change his mind about returning to Paladin?

Jack and the Ginger

with a Twist

Going out alone was Griffin Bower’s first mistake. Accepting a drink from a stranger was his second. After spending a week as a whipping boy to a sadist who called himself “Doctor Pain”, a guard helps Griffin escape, then his roommate’s half-brother whisks the two roommates away to Paladin, Montana. 

Walking into Twisted Jack’s, the newly renovated bar/restaurant, a battered and bruised Griffin meets a pair of the most interesting men who vow to protect him from everyone and everything from that point on.

Jack and Twist have been mates and battle brothers since the first week of basic training. When Griffin walks in their bar, the two men realize he is the man meant to complete their family. Can they keep Griffin safe while he heals? Will he agree to mate with both men? Will Doctor Pain show up looking for his missing pet?

Dirty Irishman

Marine veteran and panther shifter Forrest Bell has given up on life. A double amputee, he does as he is ordered, but spends the rest of his time sitting on the front porch of the hotel waiting to die. His panther side retreated during the past year he has spent recovering and he’s not sure it will ever return.

After ending up in the drunk tank, music composer Kris Kelly finds himself sent to Paladin, Montana to friends of his uncle’s. Though he’s not happy, he hopes the forced vacation will bring back the music that has gone missing from his soul.

Can a wounded warrior who has given up find a new reason to live when his mate, a dirty Irish shows up? Will Kris be able to salvage his floundering music career? Can the two men find their happily ever after as part of Team Paladin?

Lucky's Seven

While recovering, Marine special unit Team Paladin wins a $565-million dollar lottery. The first thing they do is hire a personal assistant to deal with the insanity that much money will bring. 

Desperate for a job, Lucky Duvall responds to an advertisement for a personal assistant. He is hoping that seven is his lucky number as this will be his seventh job interview for the week. The god of a man who interviews him makes him long for more than just a job with the team. 

Lion shifter Shane Thomas has more on his hands than he can handle. He has a team of battle scarred interspecies shifters who have decided to move away from the civilized world. Then he meets Lucky, his mate. Will he be able to convince Lucky to take a chance on him and the team and their crazy dream of moving to Montana? 

Be Warned: m/m sex