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Keely Jakes, Mm, Mmm Hero Love

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Stalking the Kilt

When Dane Murphy follows a kilt-wearing man through the airport to alleviate the boredom of travel, he has no idea he is following his future. Then the man sees him, and an immediate connection is made.

Sully McKellen is making his first public appearance in more years than he cares to think about. Shy, reclusive, and lonely, he finds himself intrigued by Dane, who is headed to the same writers’ conference. Instant attraction turns to lust, which deepens as they spend the weekend together, learning their strengths and weaknesses mesh perfectly.

But can Sully overcome his shyness and enjoy being in the spotlight even for one evening? And even more worrying, can Dane and Sully keep a relationship going once they return home again?

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